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Trout Fishing in Patagonia Argentina


Trout fishing has brought peace to men’s hearts, inspired their souls, emptied bank accounts and ruined a few marriages over the centuries. These masterfully painted little water missiles just do something to us that I’m not qualified to fully explain. Trout fishing in Patagonia Argentina is the euphoric end-game for every fly fisherman who’s lost himself in the chase. I was one of those. I spent most of my life pursuing the spotted fish all over the northern continent, until I couldn’t go any further north. And then the only place I could go was south. To the trout fishing waters I wasn’t sure actually existed, or were perhaps just the lies of twisted men.

In the earliest years of television, the rumors and whispers about trout fishing in Patagonia leaked out. They sounded like typical Monday-morning fish lies. About the land at the end of the world with rivers and lakes bursting with trout the likes of which even God had never seen. An expedition was hatched by two men, Curt Gowdy and Joe Brooks, and they came south with a videographer to document the truth of it. Their films stunned the fishing world, and gave birth to The American Sportsman television series. I was five years old, sprawled on the floor in front of a monotone tv with tall rabbit ears, watching the monster trout being pulled from the deep. That vision brought me here forty years later. I never left.

I’m a Novelist by profession, and a Trout Fishing writer by passionate affliction. You’ll find my Latest stuff here on the Home page for easy access, or you can read all my articles and reviews without distraction on the Stories page.

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