Eliseo Miciu: Patagonia Photography Legend

Photography is still a relatively young art form, being only about one hundred and fifty years old or so, and among each successive generation of those who pursue it professionally, a select few rise to the top. They usually find their unique ability to express the inexpressible on film by finding their deepest passion for a particular subject, or a particular place. Brandenburg brought us beauty in life from the frozen Arctic. The American west was immortalized by Adams. And now the most mysterious land of the southern hemisphere has found its voice, through the lens of Eliseo Miciu.

Eliseo Miciu - Feature - Patagonia Fly FishermanELISEO MICIU

Eliseo spent his formative years growing up in the arid central mountains of Cordoba province in Argentina, and relocated with his family to the small Andean town of San Martin de Los Andes in his early teens. The Andean landscapes, wildlife, and gaucho culture enveloped him during his most impressionable years. Photography found him at the age of thirteen and never released its grasp.

He became a professional photographer at a very young age, and developed a reputation for capturing stunning outdoor images. He produced high quality advertising images for national and international companies, and was selected as the exclusive photographer for National Geographic Traveler Argentina. He received the Silver International Pano Awards in 2011 and 2012. Then Leurzer Archive selected three of his photographs for the book of the 200 Best Photos of the World in 2009 and 2010.

Eliseo has published numerous books and photographic essays, been featured in gallery exhibitions in South America, Europe, and the United States, and has work on permanent display in fine art galleries in several cities in the US and Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Terra del VientoHis most recent book, Tierra del Viento, was just released in 2017. It presents visually stunning images of the land, people, and animals that exist in the wind-driven expanse of southern Patagonia. It required years of effort, multiple journeys into the wild territory for weeks or months at a time, and extraordinary vision. The essence of his dedication to producing this book was captured over the years by a film crew, who produced an amazing short film, which has since won awards in various film festivals. Watch the trailer for the film in the video clip below.


Tierra del Viento - Eliseo Miciu


Signed and numbered editions of Tierra del Viento are available for collectors, as are individually numbered prints of the exceptional photographs presented in the book. For more information about purchasing a copy of the book or a signed print before the editions run out, contact:

You can also visit his website, www.eliseomiciu.com.


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