Fishing Patagonia Argentina

Fishing Patagonia - Patagonia Fly FishermanFishing Patagonia was a dream of mine since I was a boy. It took half a lifetime before I made it here, but once I got here I just couldn’t make myself leave. So here I am, living on the side of a mountain in the lakes region of Patagonia, Argentina. I’m a novelist and an outdoor adventure writer, and fly fishing has been my foremost passion for many decades. I’ve fished in the Rockies, British Columbia, the Yukon, and six years in Alaska. The reason I settled down here at the end of the world, is simple; it’s one of the few places left where I can be completely alone on a fantastic stretch of water. Fishing Patagonia, unlike fishing many other places, is still a wilderness experience in many respects. The number of fisherman coming here every year is a fraction of what you’ll see in other waters in the states and Alaska. It’s still Pristine.

If you’re interesting in finding the best trout fishing in the world, this is one of the three or four places that still hold legendary status. You can land a lot of fish every day on the water, and you can get your shot at really big fish. The fish-of-a-lifetime sort. (For a small sampling go see the Photo Gallery) You’ll find small steams and spring creeks, raging rivers, and big water lakes. There are places for dry fly specialists, nymphers, and streamer rippers (my personal favorite). Fishing Patagonia is for everyone, regardless of skill, age, or how you like to wet a fly.

You’ll also find a variety of fish, including:

Brown Trout - Patagonia Fly Fisherman

Brown Trout

Patagonia Fly Fisherman - Isaias Miciu

Rainbow Trout








Patagonia Fly Fisherman - Brook Trout

Brook Trout

Perca - Patagonia Fly Fisherman

Perca – (Small Mouth Bass)








I write about my favorite waters, my favorite fishing trips and special places for trout fishing. You’ll find some of those articles that focus on fishing below.

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