Fly Fishing Videos

Fishing Videos are all the rage now, and there’s nothing better than fly fishing videos from Patagonia Argentina! You’ll find an assortment below to keep you going for a while until we can burn some new footage…

“The Fish I Remember: A Big Brown Trout”.

Some fish are just more memorable than others, and for me, it usually has to do with my friends and the experiences we share out on the water. This was one of those incredible days on a virgin stream in the Andes Mountains. You can also read the Article Here.

Hit the full screen button for maximum joy.

Titled, Drop Off Panic, by Andes Drifters; this fishing video gives you just the slightest inkling of what happens during the fabled, “Minnow Hatch”. When the pejerrey minnows start their annual migration to the deep water lakes, the trout go into a feeding frenzy that has to be witnessed to be believed.

The guides get a few days off sometimes at the end of the year when there are still a few days of fishing season left, and they like to bend their own rods. They go to the mystical “off-guide” spots, that no client ever gets to see. This time they film it. They assure me they’ll take me this year…

It’s that time of year again. My favorite fishing time. Early spring on my home water, the magical Caleufu.

Dorado fishing is something else entirely. Bring big rods and bird-size flies. Follow the crew on a venture to the upper Parana.

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