Product Review Policy and FTC Disclosure
The FTC requires that online publishers need to disclose any hidden interests or unspoken biases to their readers when they publish product reviews and/or recommendations.
Product Review Policy
▪ We will write positive reviews about products we like; and may not write anything at all about products we don’t like. We will not usually waste publishing space on products that we feel don’t have value to our readers. This also applies to destination reviews.
FTC Disclosure
We will be as thorough as space and time allow in our reviews. As it relates to any review that you read on our web site, please assume that the product’s or destination’s manufacturers, sales representatives, dealers and/or others with a financial interest in the product or destination being reviewed may have done any combination of the following:
▪ Sent us products at no cost to review and then send back to them.
▪ Sent us products at no cost to review and then keep.
▪ Sent us products to keep even if we don’t review them.
▪ Provided us with lodging and guided activities at no cost.
▪ Provided us with drinks, and/or food.
▪ Provided us with financial compensation in lieu of reviews and/or advertising.
▪ Featured us in their sales and marketing literature, and/or other publications, online and/or not.