I remember many years ago, trying to find reliable information about Patagonia. I’ve been living here, fishing here, and writing about it for well over a decade now, so I’ll try to share my own insights and opinions to help you out.

For Destination Fishing Lodges, I’ll give you an opinion and a rating, from one star to five, of the full-service lodges that I’ve spent enough time at to rate them. I base opinions on things like the quality of the accommodations, the staff, the food, the fishing experience, etc.

For Outfitters and Guides, you’ll find much the same thing. I only rate a guide or outfitter service after I’ve spent some time with them, and maybe interviewed clients for another opinion before I offer a rating.

Any Lodges or Guides that are listed but not rated, are there for your convenience. I can’t offer an opinion, but I provide a contact link to their site. It’s not a recommendation!