Fly Fishing Guides in Patagonia Argentina

Finding fly fishing guides in Patagonia Argentina is easy. There are thousands of them. But finding one who’s really good on the water, knows how to find fish, and is fun to spend time with, is another story.

I’ve met and fished with a lot of them here in Patagonia over the past twelve years, and almost all of them are great fisherman themselves. They’re impressive to watch if they pick up a fly rod, and they can tell you how to do it. But the ones who become really successful at this business are those who passionately enjoy sharing their fly fishing experience and their time with people. Those are the fishing guides who stay in it, and consistently book their schedule.

Why would you want to book your trip with a fishing guide or an outfitter, instead of going to one of the big destination lodges? First, and most important for me, is flexibility. A really good fishing guide has the equipment and resources to take you where the fishing matches exactly what you’re looking for. If that means hauling boats, camp and gear on a three hour trek to a place where a minnow hatch is raging, and you’ll have the best fishing day of your life, then he takes you there. Trust me, that scenario happens down here, and you don’t want to miss it if the opportunity presents. The second thing that favors the fishing guide approach is cost. It’s usually a little less than the full-service destination lodges; but the accommodations may be slightly less than five star. That won’t matter to the fly fisherman who comes here just for the fishing, and has no interest in the local wildlife or doing anything else. But some outfitters also offer packages to experience the other activities.

I only offer a review and rating for fly fishing guides in Patagonia that I’ve spent enough time with to fairly offer an opinion. And remember, it’s just my personal opinion. I’ll also present a list for your convenience, but if I haven’t rated them, it means I don’t know them well enough to offer an opinion.

Andes Drifters

Andes DriftersI’ve known the guys at Andes Drifters for eight years. I’ve fished with them, camped on wilderness rivers with them, and travelled for hours in the truck to remote locations where they took me to unreachable fishing spots that no other guides will take clients.

They’re all outstanding fisherman, and they’re fun to be with, which is why I can’t wait to see them every year. They also offer very comprehensive packages for fisherman who bring the family and want to experience the other side of Patagonia.

Patagonia Fly Fisherman Rating:    Go to Andes Drifters Website

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