Patagonia Argentina Fly Fishing Lodges

Finding a comfortable fishing lodge to stay in and manage your trout fishing trip to Patagonia Argentina is an easy task. The difficulty is choosing which one. In each of the zones or provinces from north to south in Patagonia, there are several world-class destinations.

Each zone has slightly different landscapes, climate, and the watersheds have their own character. Also, the type of fish, and fishing style can vary by zone. All of these might have an impact on your decision. As well, if the trip is focused entirely on fly fishing, the fishing lodge you choose could be different than one suited for a family style vacation. There are only a few lodges that offer combinations of great fly fishing, accommodations, and other activities like horseback riding, trekking, shopping trips, yoga/massage, etc.

Below, you’ll find two categories of links. The Featured Destinations are those where I’ve personally spent time fishing and reviewing the lodge, and I think they are worth your attention. The second list are lodges that may also be great, but I haven’t personal stayed there and I can’t vouch for them. I’ll list these as a general service to help readers find more options.

Featured Destination Fishing Lodges in Patagonia

Tipiliuke Lodge

Tipiliuke Lodge Patagonia ArgentinaTipiliuke is the finest full-service fishing lodge in the lakes region of northern Patagonia that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. The accommodations, fishing, guides, food, and staff are impeccable. This is the kind of resort you can bring the entire family to, and everyone will have a great time. The estancia that the lodge is located on encompasses almost 200, 000 private acres of working ranch, and has 9 miles of the world-famous trout fishing river, the Chimehuin, flowing through the middle of it.

Patagonia Fly Fisherman Rating:       Go to their website Tipiliuke

Carrileufu River Lodge

Carrilieufu River Lodge is located in the central zone of Los Alerces National Park, near the frontier town of Cholila, which gained fame as the final home of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The new lodge is beautiful and comfortable with great access to several river systems and lakes that hold trophy sized rainbow and brown trout. One of my favorite rivers in all of Argentina, the Rio Rivadavia, is home water for these guys, and no one can fish it better. This area is a little more remote, so the wealth of full family activities is a bit more limited, but the fishing is outstanding, as well as the food, lodging, and staff.

Patagonia Fly Fisherman Rating:     Go to their website Carrileufu River Lodge

Rio Manso Lodge

Rio Manso Lodge - Patagonia Fly FishermanRio Manso Lodge is located just south of Bariloche Argentina, with easy fly-in access, and lies within a unique arena of rivers and lakes that provide a great variety of fly fishing opportunities. The terrain is mountainous and stunning, and the accommodations and staff are awesome. The fishing isn’t bad either. My personal best brown trout, a 30 incher with a girth as big as my leg came from a lake fishing venture at this lodge. They also have some of the most incredible early season dry fly action I’ve ever witnessed with dragonfly hatches that make the trout go insane.

Patagonia Fly Fisherman Rating:  Go to Rio Manso Lodge

Other Fly Fishing Lodges in Patagonia Argentina

These lodges are unrated, because I’ve never personally fished or stayed there. This listing is only for your convenience, it is not a recommendation.

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