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It’s a reasonable question. One I had in my own mind many years ago before I made the leap of adventure: Where is Patagonia? The only answer I’ve managed to come up with, even after spending the past twelve years of my life living here is, at the End of the World. Literally and figuratively.

Where is Patagonia? Patagonia Fly FishermanA vast expanse, nearly 3000 kilometers from north to south, the region known as Patagonia encompasses both the southern most region of Argentina and Chile down to the very tip of the South American continent, straddling the towering Andean range. Throughout the region the landscapes are diverse, ranging from arid desert to ancient arboreal rain forest. While progress is slowly creeping in, it remains mostly pristine in comparison to the rest of the world. Almost jurassic in some places.



Trout Fishing in Patagonia - Patagonia Fly FishermanThe combination of a spectacular mountain range running north to south, and it’s proximity to the moisture coming from the Pacific Ocean make for millions of decaliters of rain and snow that have created an interspersed web of lakes and rivers. All clear, crystalline, and cold. The most perfect habitat ever evolved for trout. Only, there weren’t any. Not until the first European settlers brought them over 100 years ago and released little fingerlings of rainbow, brown, and brook trout into the waters. What happened next is the stuff of legends. A trout fishing paradise beyond compare.

The land also worked its charm on the men and women who came to create new lives from many different countries. Across the incredibly huge estancias that sprang up to raise cattle and sheep and horses, a unique breed of man was born, the gaucho. Free spirited, intensely attuned to the natural world, warm and caring in the family hearth, and fiercely independent; they maintain their uniquely Patagonian identity to this day.

Where is Patagonia? It’s in the spirit of the men and woman who live here, in the land, the animals, and the magnificent trout that fill the green rivers. Patagonia is not so much a place, as it is an experience. Or maybe a way of living that’s resisted the influences of the outside world.

In this section, you’ll find stories, photos, and the occasional video that document the uniqueness of life in Patagonia Argentina. The Lifestyle, Food, Culture & Arts; I’ll touch on all of it.

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A New Novel Set In Patagonia

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Where The Green Star Falls is a visceral tale of survival. A gripping and inspirational novel about fate, destiny, and a love so profound it will drive a man to the edge of sanity or salvation.

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